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5 killer artists at Bylarm 2019

by Ella Theme 28 Feb 2019 0 Comments

We have made a list of artist that you should check out if you are going to Bylarm this weekend; 


Photo: Natt & Dag

For the last couple of years, Silver Lining has taken Norway’s Americana scene by storm. Stine Andreassen and Live Miranda Solberg (known from The Northern Belle and Louien) met through the common love of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. It quickly turned out that their voices complemented each other remarkably well. Their wonderful harmonies, combined with acoustic and electric guitars, dobro and pedal steel, gives Silver Lining a folksy sound. Bjørnar Brandseth shines in his versatility and Halvor Falck Johansen chimes in with his own compositions, and a voice that reminds of Dylan or Townes in his younger days.


De siste to årene har Silver Lining tatt den norske americana-scenen med storm. Stine Andreassen og Live Miranda Solberg (kjent fra henholdsvis The Northern Belle og Louien) møttes gjennom felles kjærlighet for Gillian Welch og David Rawlings, og det viste seg fort at deres stemmer kledde hverandre godt. Med deres vidunderlige harmonier, kombinert med akustiske og elektriske gitarer, dobro og pedal steel, skaper Silver Lining et folkelig lydbilde. Bjørnar Brandseth briljerer i sin allsidighet og Halvor Falck Johansen bidrar med egne låter og gitar, med en stemme som kan minne om Dylan eller Townes i sine yngre dager.

Saturday, March 28:30 pm-9:00 pmRockefeller



Photo: Bylarm

Friday, March 111:00 pm-11:45 pmVulkan Arena

Dive headfirst into the swirling musical world created by Aiming For Enrike’s Tobias and Simen, and we are convinced you’ll quickly be hooked. In there it’s atmospheric, staccato, violent, colourful and fascinating. But most of all, it’s a whole bunch of fun.

Together, Aiming For Enrike have shaped their own universe, in which everything is centred around what goes on between them in the rehearsal room, in the studio and on stage. What you see is what you hear, and what you hear is pure joy.


Kaster du deg med ansiktet først inn i den musikalske virvelvinden, som Tobias og Simen i Aiming For Enrike gjør hver eneste gang, er vi ganske sikre på at du raskt blir fanget i den. Der inne er det atmosfærisk, det er stakkato, det er voldsomt, det er fargesprakende og det er fascinerende. Men mest av alt er det utrolig moro.

Sammen har Aiming For Enrike laget sitt eget univers, hvor alt sentrerer rundt det som skjer mellom de to i øvingslokalet, studio og scenen. Det du ser er det du hører, og det du hører er pur lykke.




Photo: Warner Creative

Saturday, March 28:30 pm-9:00 pm Parkteatret

Many people were surprised when Chris Abolade aka Abbo started releasing music. The Oslo lad is best known as a hard working photographer, dynamic daredevil and part of the creative collective BROSLO.

The description ‘an introvert in an extrovert’s body’ is appropriate, and it has taken time before Chris Abolade was comfortable in this new role. Thoughts become lyrics that just have to get out, taking shape as they roll, for example from the back of a shoe shop receipt. They are real, deeply felt, immediate, unpretentious. Abbo will be a star, it’s just a matter of time.


Chris Abolade aka Abbo overrasket mange da han begynte og gi ut musikk. Oslogutten er best kjent som drivende dyktig fotograf, dynamisk daredevil og en del av det kreative kollektivet BROSLO.

Beskrivelsen «et introvert sinn i en ekstrovert kropp» passer godt, og det har tatt tid før artisten Chris Abolade var komfortabel med å ta plass. Tanker blir tekster som må ut, som finner form underveis, for eksempel på baksiden av kassalapper fra Stress. Det er ekte, ektefølt, umiddelbart, upretensiøst, men gjennomført. Abbo er en stjerne, det er bare et snakk om tid.


Photo: Johanna Siring

Saturday, March 210:00 pm-10:30 pm Sentrum Scene

Fay Wildhagen arrived on the Norwegian scene in 2015, and quickly made her mark. Her album Snowwas nominated for a Spellemann Prize, and for newcomer of the year on P3 Gull, and she played over 70 concerts in Norway and abroad. Among other things, she toured in support of Mew, and last September the long awaited follow-up album Borders was finally released.

This concert will also be 3D mapped outside Sentrum Scene.


Fay Wildhagen kom som et friskt pust inn i den norske musikkfloraen i 2015. Med albumet Snow ble hun nominert til Spellemannspris og til årets nykommer under P3 Gull, og gjorde over 70 konserter rundt om i Norge og utlandet. Blant annet var hun ute på en support-turné med Mew. I september slapp hun den etterlengtede oppfølgeren Borders.



Photo: Bylarm


Saturday, March 210:30 pm-11:00 pm Pokalen


Xenoblight is a Danish extreme metal band from Silkeborg, characterized by an intense and blistering atmosphere while maintaining an apathetic and melancholic lyrical universe. Although the band was a relatively new venture from the start of 2017, Xenoblight spent the year carefully crafting their first record while playing only a limited number of shows before entering SolnaSound Recording late 2017 to record their debut album Procreation. By 2018, the band is now ready to unleash their music to the world and play any stage capable of the jaw-breaking sound that is Xenoblight.

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