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The faces behind the "Eidskog" design

by Mohamed Dyani 12 Jun 2014 236 Comments

It was amazing to work with Chloe and Abigail on this design! 



930 x 520px


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Praesent vestibulum congue tellus at fringilla. Curabitur vitae semper sem, eu convallis est. Cras felis nunc commodo eu convallis vitae interdum non nisl. Maecenas ac est sit amet augue pharetra convallis.

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Praesent vestibulum congue tellus at fringilla. Curabitur vitae semper sem, eu convallis est. Cras felis nunc commodo eu convallis vitae interdum non nisl. Maecenas ac est sit amet augue pharetra convallis nec danos dui. Cras suscipit quam et turpis eleifend vitae malesuada magna congue. Damus id ullamcorper neque. Sed vitae mi a mi pretium aliquet ac sed elitos. Pellentesque nulla eros accumsan quis justo at tincidunt lobortis deli denimes, suspendisse vestibulum lectus in lectus volutpate.
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22 Apr 2016 Gracelyn

Your cranium must be prtntceiog some very valuable brains.

22 Apr 2016 Kaden

Holy coicnse data batman. Lol!

22 Apr 2016 Alyn

It’s wonurefdl to have you on our side, haha!

22 Apr 2016 Janessa

That adseesdrs several of my concerns actually.

30 Dec 2015 Porteacrona

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