About (OLD)

The idea (Music inspired clothing)

I played drums in a metal band called Shraphead in a little community called Eidskog. I had 2 jobs in the band, play drums and design the t-shirts. The winter of 2010 I got so many ideas for different t-shirt designs, so I decided to GO for it, do my own thing!

I saved up enough money to print 100 t-shirts with 2 different designs. I felt like the design culture at the time was really lacking in this area, and apparently this design sensibility connected with many people all around the world.



I printed 100 t-shirts (sold them out of the trunk of my car)

I printed 100 t-shirts and sold of them at shows, to family and friends and friends of friends too. I think I sold most of them out of the trunk of my car to people that had been seeing them online. What started as an outlet for my passion and entrepreneurial experiment quickly grew into much more than just selling a few shirts.More t-shirts and more friends all over the world After selling out 100 t-shirts the words got around and the hype started growing online. More people started visiting our webshop and more people started sharing their love for our designs and vision (Do the Killer stuff in life) on social sites like Facebook and Instagram. Today we have a Facebook page with 7K followers, maybe not big compared to big brands but very big for only 1 boy from a little community called Eidskog in Norway.


International success

Today the brand sell t-shirts to people all around the globe from our online store and are always on the hunt of breaking boundaries within the art of design.